Work for it!

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but thought,”How am I ever going to get there?” I have. I have been trying to get into shape a little bit more. But that is so hard for me because I usually forget, or feel to lazy to do it. Why do we do this? Well i don’t know you might say. Well i have five ways to overcome your laziness.

#1, Set your mind to it. Think about what the cause of the laziness? Are you tired? Hungry? Bored? Sad? Hurting? Afraid? Or are you just plain uninspired? Whatever it is try to overcome it. Go to bed earlier! Eat! Do something active! Be proud of yourself! Overcome your fear! Look up something to do!

#2, Get organized! If you’re feeling cramped or cluttered get rid of stuff that you don’t need. Perhaps getting rid of that ugly sofa you hate and nobody sits on, or that or that book shelf you were going to get rid of two years ago that is still empty. Go for it!

#3, Start talking to yourself in a positive way! You might say,”Geez, I’m so worthless. I can’t even stick to my schedule!” Well, start talking to yourself like,”Wow. I’m amazing! I can stick to my schedule today. I can feel it in my bones.” But don’t start talking to yourself like,”Ooh. Hahaha! I’m better than anybody else. They’re just losers.” That is having to much pride. That doesn’t help anyone.

#4, Take time on the things you do. You might scarf down a meal just to get a dessert, instead of taking your time to enjoy the food prepared for you. You might sweep stuff under your bed to hang out with your friends, instead of putting everything away the right way so you won’t have to do it later. You might trample the flowers, instead of stopping to smell them. This will help you overcome you being bored, too.

#5, Jump out of bed. If you start your day happy you will almost always be in better mood. Research actually shows that hitting the snooze button is bad for us. You think that if you get more sleep in the morning you will be more energized later. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Instead the opposite happens. We are tired throughout the day, which leads to being lazy.

The Blackout

Last night we had a blackout. I was right in the middle of talking to my friend on Facetime when all of the sudden, my lights turned off. My kindle said” Connection lost” in the middle of the screen. I turned my brightness all the way up. I found my way through the room because it was really messy. I was expecting to open the door finding the hallway light on. Instead I found my brothers freaking out. They said somebody turned off their light. I realized I was thinking the same thing. We walked to the front room lead by the dim light of my kindle. There we found our parents calmly getting candles to light. The warm glow of the candles seemed to comfort me. With the kindle in my hand we each got one of our blankets from our beds. We each sat on a couch. Me and my three brothers on the small couch, my two parents on the long couch. We each retrieved our devices so would have something to do because we couldn’t play around candles. The lights were out for about half an hour then they turned right back on. My dad was sad. He really liked the quiet. Once the lights came back on we were back to our regular life. I will never have a better blackout.

Black Beauty Book Review

Black-BeautyAnna Sewell was born in Yarmouth, England on March 30th, 1820. She learned how to ride a horse from her brother, Phillip. She started to love horses. But sadly when she was 51 she had an illness that made her not able to leave the house. It was then that she worked on her famous book Black Beauty.

Black Beauty was broken in at age 4. He went to good owners at first but things headed down hill fast. One of his owners made him work so hard he nearly died. Some of his other owners made him do cab work. Some people beat him. Some people just gave up on him. This is why Black Beauty can be a sad book.

The theme of this book was animal abuse. In the book Beauty is whipped and beaten. In one of the chapters the owner gave him food but a kid took the good things away from him. This is animal abuse. “We call them dumb, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they hsve no words,”-Anna Sewell.

Duchess, Beauty’s mother, always told him to be obedient and good to his master, no matter what. He did obey wherever he was. Even if his owner was abusing him. The only time he didn’t obey was for the safety of his owner.

Black Beauty was a good book. If you like sad but heartfelt stories then this is the right book for you.

Christmas Season


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He loves Christmas… He just doesn’t like Santa Claus

OK. Now most people are talking about Christmas. I don’t know if there is one person i know that doesn’t LOVE Christmas. I know I LOVE Christmas. But the one hard thing about Christmas is that you have to buy presents for your kids, or siblings. And sometimes they make it to hard or expensive. That part isn’t fun.

Christmas Time Is Here!


I know it’s not Christmas yet but almost every station I listen to is Christmas music! Most of the songs I know, but some of the songs I’ve never even heard of before!  If you have a favorite Christmas song post the name of it right under. My favorite Christmas song is I’ll be home by Meghan Trainer. Grumpy cats favorite Christmas song is “It’s hard to be a cat at Christmas”.

Shirley Temple

Could you imagine acting at the age of three? Well, Shirley Temple did act the age of three but she didn’t know what would happen next…

Shirley Jane Temple was born in Santa Monica, 1928. She had light brown hair with light brown eyes. When she was 3 years old she started acting. Her first movie was the Red Haired Alibi. Many people liked the movie bright eyes from 1934.

In the movie, Miss Annie Rooney, she had her first kiss. She was 14 when it happened. She was kissed by Dick Moore, who at the time was 16. Later she married John Agar, but they were only married for 5 years before they divorced. That year she married Charles Black. In 1972 she announced she had breast cancer. She fought as hard as she could, until February 10th, 2014. That day she died of natural causes.

Shirley Jane Temple was amazing at so many things like singing, dancing , acting but we will never forget her courage.

“Don’t forget to tell your favorite people you love them”- Shirley Temple


Today we picked out our Halloween costumes. I’m going to be a princess that is kind of like a princess from England. I also have a mascaraed ball mask. It’s black and silver. It’s adorable! My dress is blue and white. My Littlest brother is going to be a power ranger. My 2nd to littlest brother is going to be a villain named Death-stroke.(I’ve never even heard of a villain named Death-stroke!) My last brother is going to be a hippie. We tried to convince him to change his mind but he wouldn’t. I was very disappointed in his choice and the imagination in his choice. I mean, seriously! Who wants to be a Hippie for Halloween! download

A few days ago my dad brought home 4 baby bunnies that were lying in the middle of a parking lot. They were only 2 days old when we got them. I named 1 of them Alex because I liked the name. I named one of them Jumpy, because he jumps. Alot. But I haven’t named any of the others.

love it!

love it!