Do you believe?

The real thingSome say there is no GOD, others say differently. I say there is a GOD. You might not be able to see him, but that doesn’t mean you don’t believe! GOD is like the wind, you might not be able to see him but if you look hard enough you’ll be able to see what he has done around you. He’s not a joke either. He’s the real thing. Some see GOD and then come back to earth like the movie Heaven is For Real.Well, HEAVEN is for real. He can do amazing things in your life. He opens doors. But doors can’t be open if your heart isn’t open to him. He won’t force you to, he lets you decide. So decide now. Do you believe?If so you should start going to a nearby church.



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When I went on my trip to Guatemala it was amazing! We were in the town of . In the town there were brick roads. We met hundreds of people. When we went into the mall(which was outside like a bunch of stands at a fair)many people tried to sell to us. I bought a pair of shoes and a headband. The next day we went to schools and played and talked to the kids. We did games on the stage and then we would do skits and plays. We even got to go to an orphanage that didn’t want to hang out with us or talk to us but they still let us. We gave them rice, beans, and stickers. The expression on their faces when we came and talked to them specifically changed how I looked at things. I had not been grateful for what my mom made for dinner. But they were grateful for a can of rice and beans. They were grateful for a few stickers. I love Guatemala. Sometime I would like to visit again.

Butterfly festival

monarch butterflyHave you ever been to a butterfly festival? Well I have. When we got there we saw face painting, crafts, and much more. We all went down to their campfire. They didn’t have a fire going but when we got there they were about to tag and release some monarch butterflies. The first monarch¬†had a broken wing but a kid tagged it and then the instructor called me up to the front and told me to hold my finger out. So i did. She put the butterfly on my finger and then it flew off. But it didn’t get far. When it flew it started heading downward. Eventually it flew into the grass. They left it there. Later it flew off. Then the instructor said,”Do you know why Monarchs are tagged and released?” Nobody raised their hand. ” They are tagged and released so we know how many Monarchs make it to Mexico. At Mexico they lay eggs and die.” We all thought that was cool(but I already knew that).Then we went inside and I got my face painted. It was an amazing experience.

Great grandmas. Gotta love 'em

Great grandmas. Gotta love ’em

I usually am having a normal day. You know you just woke up and you are about to go to school. And then out of nowhere your mom says,”Sleepover! You’re going to your great grandma’s house tonight!” You know, the one who has jars full of Oreo’s ¬†and cookies and candy. Your younger siblings get excited and so do you. But she tells you that in the morning. That means you have to wait all day for that bomb pop she just told you about! You can’t wait. You know that your grandma doesn’t care how many sweets you eat. For breakfast she cooks you and your 3 brothers a pound of bacon. Yum! Then your mom gets you! If you wanna hear even crazier stories than that visit my blog!

Not a Normal Day

Hey! This is lotush1. Today I am actually going to my great grandma’s house. I made that story because my grandma actually is like that. Except she looks nothing like that and she has made that face before.