Today we picked out our Halloween costumes. I’m going to be a princess that is kind of like a princess from England. I also have a mascaraed ball mask. It’s black and silver. It’s adorable! My dress is blue and white. My Littlest brother is going to be a power ranger. My 2nd to littlest brother is going to be a villain named Death-stroke.(I’ve never even heard of a villain named Death-stroke!) My last brother is going to be a hippie. We tried to convince him to change his mind but he wouldn’t. I was very disappointed in his choice and the imagination in his choice. I mean, seriously! Who wants to be a Hippie for Halloween! download


A few days ago my dad brought home 4 baby bunnies that were lying in the middle of a parking lot. They were only 2 days old when we got them. I named 1 of them Alex because I liked the name. I named one of them Jumpy, because he jumps. Alot. But I haven’t named any of the others.

love it!

love it!

Arise Team Christ :)

teamjesuschristToday I saw a person named Arise Team Christ! I was so excited! I mean another follower! I was so excited I made this post about them. If you are you a follower of Christ then comment your story or like this post. Evil has come into this world. As a follower of Christ  it is my job to stop that evil. You should also try to stop this evil. For this evil is the devil trying to tempt you into doing more evil. Everyone has sinned. Everyone except Jesus Christ.