Shirley Temple

Could you imagine acting at the age of three? Well, Shirley Temple did act the age of three but she didn’t know what would happen next…

Shirley Jane Temple was born in Santa Monica, 1928. She had light brown hair with light brown eyes. When she was 3 years old she started acting. Her first movie was the Red Haired Alibi. Many people liked the movie bright eyes from 1934.

In the movie, Miss Annie Rooney, she had her first kiss. She was 14 when it happened. She was kissed by Dick Moore, who at the time was 16. Later she married John Agar, but they were only married for 5 years before they divorced. That year she married Charles Black. In 1972 she announced she had breast cancer. She fought as hard as she could, until February 10th, 2014. That day she died of natural causes.

Shirley Jane Temple was amazing at so many things like singing, dancing , acting but we will never forget her courage.

“Don’t forget to tell your favorite people you love them”- Shirley Temple