Beethoven’s 245th birthday

Some people know that today is Beethoven’s 245th birthday. So in honor of that google set up a funny game. Here the link to it.


Editing is the best!

My dad, Caleb, edited this video to the song. He went on a trip to Germany and Austria with his brother. I hope you like it.

Christmas Season


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He loves Christmas… He just doesn’t like Santa Claus

OK. Now most people are talking about Christmas. I don’t know if there is one person i know that doesn’t LOVE Christmas. I know I LOVE Christmas. But the one hard thing about Christmas is that you have to buy presents for your kids, or siblings. And sometimes they make it to hard or expensive. That part isn’t fun.

Christmas Time Is Here!


I know it’s not Christmas yet but almost every station I listen to is Christmas music! Most of the songs I know, but some of the songs I’ve never even heard of before!  If you have a favorite Christmas song post the name of it right under. My favorite Christmas song is I’ll be home by Meghan Trainer. Grumpy cats favorite Christmas song is “It’s hard to be a cat at Christmas”.