Black Beauty Book Review

Black-BeautyAnna Sewell was born in Yarmouth, England on March 30th, 1820. She learned how to ride a horse from her brother, Phillip. She started to love horses. But sadly when she was 51 she had an illness that made her not able to leave the house. It was then that she worked on her famous book Black Beauty.

Black Beauty was broken in at age 4. He went to good owners at first but things headed down hill fast. One of his owners made him work so hard he nearly died. Some of his other owners made him do cab work. Some people beat him. Some people just gave up on him. This is why Black Beauty can be a sad book.

The theme of this book was animal abuse. In the book Beauty is whipped and beaten. In one of the chapters the owner gave him food but a kid took the good things away from him. This is animal abuse. “We call them dumb, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they hsve no words,”-Anna Sewell.

Duchess, Beauty’s mother, always told him to be obedient and good to his master, no matter what. He did obey wherever he was. Even if his owner was abusing him. The only time he didn’t obey was for the safety of his owner.

Black Beauty was a good book. If you like sad but heartfelt stories then this is the right book for you.