The Blackout

Last night we had a blackout. I was right in the middle of talking to my friend on Facetime when all of the sudden, my lights turned off. My kindle said” Connection lost” in the middle of the screen. I turned my brightness all the way up. I found my way through the room because it was really messy. I was expecting to open the door finding the hallway light on. Instead I found my brothers freaking out. They said somebody turned off their light. I realized I was thinking the same thing. We walked to the front room lead by the dim light of my kindle. There we found our parents calmly getting candles to light. The warm glow of the candles seemed to comfort me. With the kindle in my hand we each got one of our blankets from our beds. We each sat on a couch. Me and my three brothers on the small couch, my two parents on the long couch. We each retrieved our devices so would have something to do because we couldn’t play around candles. The lights were out for about half an hour then they turned right back on. My dad was sad. He really liked the quiet. Once the lights came back on we were back to our regular life. I will never have a better blackout.