Work for it!

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but thought,”How am I ever going to get there?” I have. I have been trying to get into shape a little bit more. But that is so hard for me because I usually forget, or feel to lazy to do it. Why do we do this? Well i don’t know you might say. Well i have five ways to overcome your laziness.

#1, Set your mind to it. Think about what the cause of the laziness? Are you tired? Hungry? Bored? Sad? Hurting? Afraid? Or are you just plain uninspired? Whatever it is try to overcome it. Go to bed earlier! Eat! Do something active! Be proud of yourself! Overcome your fear! Look up something to do!

#2, Get organized! If you’re feeling cramped or cluttered get rid of stuff that you don’t need. Perhaps getting rid of that ugly sofa you hate and nobody sits on, or that or that book shelf you were going to get rid of two years ago that is still empty. Go for it!

#3, Start talking to yourself in a positive way! You might say,”Geez, I’m so worthless. I can’t even stick to my schedule!” Well, start talking to yourself like,”Wow. I’m amazing! I can stick to my schedule today. I can feel it in my bones.” But don’t start talking to yourself like,”Ooh. Hahaha! I’m better than anybody else. They’re just losers.” That is having to much pride. That doesn’t help anyone.

#4, Take time on the things you do. You might scarf down a meal just to get a dessert, instead of taking your time to enjoy the food prepared for you. You might sweep stuff under your bed to hang out with your friends, instead of putting everything away the right way so you won’t have to do it later. You might trample the flowers, instead of stopping to smell them. This will help you overcome you being bored, too.

#5, Jump out of bed. If you start your day happy you will almost always be in better mood. Research actually shows that hitting the snooze button is bad for us. You think that if you get more sleep in the morning you will be more energized later. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Instead the opposite happens. We are tired throughout the day, which leads to being lazy.